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Kesha and the Creepies: 

Supernatural as Natural with Mitch Horowitz

Kesha talks with historian of alternative spirituality and one of today’s most literate voices of esoterica, mysticism, and the occult, Mitch Horowitz. Mitch takes an academic look into the occult and explains that things like ESP and UFOs have been clearly proven as real.


Duncan Trussell Family Hour 464

In their latest encounter, Mitch speaks with Duncan Trussell about ESP research, parapsychology, the crisis of skepticism, and why your mind responds to expectation.


Artist Decoded - “The Occult, The Esoteric, and Hypnagogia” w/ Mitch Horowitz x Jesse Draxler

Mitch joins artist Jesse Draxler to discuss the occult, creativity, altered states, depression/anxiety and metaphysics, and how thoughts become reality.

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Aquarium Drunkard: Transmissions

Traveling along the ins and outs of the Psychic Highway, Horowitz brings an even-handed and intellectually honest approach to topics concerning mysticism, parapsychology, New Thought, and the study of unidentified aerial phenomena or UFOs. Horowitz can currently be seen in Ronni Thomas’ The Kybalion, an adaptation of the 1908 occult manuscript which explores the seven principles of Hermetics, and his forthcoming book, Daydream Believer, is now available for pre-order. For this talk, Horowitz opens up about his musical roots, Bad Brains, his vast t-shirt collection, musical telepathy, and much more. 

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The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Episode 409: Mitch Horowitz, teacher of powerful philosophy one of our most-requested guests, returns to the DTFH!​

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David Lynch, Diving Deep with Transcendental Meditation

Where does David Lynch go to find the dreamscapes that mystify and unnerve us? The Twin Peaks director draws back the curtain with writer Mitch Horowitz.

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Mitch Horowitz “Radical Optimism”

Episode 66: Playing for Team Human today, occult scholar and author Mitch Horowitz. Mitch, the author of Occult America (Bantam); One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life (Crown); and Mind As Builder: The Positive-Mind Metaphysics of Edgar Cayce(A.R.E. Press) joins Douglas for a conversation about the shared histories of magic, capitalism, and American political thought. It’s a conversation that asks questions about the nature of the mind and the power of enthusiasm. What about optimism? What about celebration? What about anomalous behavior? Horowitz and Rushkoff make an argument for the progressive power of wild possibility – including the possibility that humans are not reducible to mere fleshy robots.

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The Power of Your Imagination! | Neville Goddard for the New Year! Law of Attraction Mitch Horowitz

Your Mind is God. This is the ultimate premise, by Neville Goddard, a true founder and pioneer in the New Thought movement, way before The Secret, or the Law of Attraction ever existed.

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Not So Secret: Law of Attraction, Positive Thinking, and the New Thought Movement

This session was a part of The Unsuccess Symposium: Let Us Get Successful So We Can Stop Giving a Shit About Getting Successful on December 22nd, 2020.

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Ep. 175 of Against Everyone With Conner Habib: On part 1 of my How To Live in 2022 series, I talk with occult scholar Mitch Horowitz about how to use the 7 Hermetic Principles in your daily life.

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