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Parapsychology: History, Findings, and Challenges

Wednesdays, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. CT  
February 1 – February 22 (4 classes) 
TS members: $70 · Nonmembers: $80

A four-part online class with Mitch Horowitz

In four sessions, take a deep dive into parapsychology—the scholarly study of ESP, precognition, and extra-physicality—with acclaimed historian of the esoteric Mitch Horowitz.

Mitch considers parapsychology’s origins and historic watersheds; the field’s key findings; the lives of its pioneers and shapers; skeptical pushback—both legitimate and polemical; where the “science of the supernatural” stands today; and what evidence of the psychical means for contemporary seekers.“I believe our culture is poised for an

epochal change in how we understand and accept the core findings of parapsychology—that is, acceptance of empiricism of the extra-physical,” Mitch writes, “Rejectionism tends to harden on the brink of seismic change, and we are seeing pockets of that as well. But the outcome of the present moment is, I believe, acknowledgment that we possess indelible evidence of an extra-physical component to life.”

Each live session includes key words and concepts; bonus readings; and time for Q&A and exchange. All registrants receive permalinks to makeup missed classes or review favorites. See below for the course syllabus.

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