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Astro Gnosis 2: Meet the Archons 
June 23 - 9am

June 24 - 5pm

A two-day event exploring the secrets of Gnosticism & Hermeticism, focusing on their views on evil and suffering and how to overcome them.

After Aeon Byte’s highly successful first event, we turn our sights from the stars to the rulers of fate and the stars. Let’s meet the Archons.

The Gnostics provided a stark panorama of stellar overlords who ruled fate and oppressed freedom. Are the Archons the ruling gods, fallen angels, extraterrestrial invaders, or unattended psychic shadows? All of the above and maybe even more? Can the Archons be overcome?

Expert speakers will address these questions and the very idea of iniquity itself from a Gnostic/Hermetic worldview. And we’ll have fun too!

Get the tools and information in this exclusive event that includes panel discussions, social events, and mini-workshops. 

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